About me

Hi, I'm Scott


In 2019 at 44 years of age, I decided to change one thing about my life... Everything! Not because I didn't already have a good life and a ton to be grateful for but because I knew I wanted more. I realized, I wanted to help people in a way that genuinely made their lives better. And from there, I Coach Connect was created. 

So after 15 years an Actor, Acting Coach and Leader in Corporate Hospitality. I left my job and started training to be a Transitonal Life Coach.

The Big WHY?


The day my son was born, I made a promise to myself. "To everyday, try and be more like the kind of man I want him to grow up to be." I truly believe I have been put on this planet to help people in a way that they can help themselves. With it, my days have greater purpose, my life has deeper meaning and my son has the best father I can possibly be. To put it simply, it makes my life better! 

Corporate Packages


Imagine working for a company that truly cares about what matters to you most. Not just at work, but in your life as a whole. What you're dreams are, your goals. Where you see yourself in a few years time. And what if that same company gave you access to a Coach that could help get you there? How appreciated would you feel working for a company like that?

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Lao Tzu

"To know and not yet do, is to not yet know"

Sir Winston Churchill

"Those who never changed their minds, never changed anything!"